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Tommy Hunter - The Final Tour

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Tommy Hunter - The Final Tour !

Sunday, February 26th - 2012

2:00 PM


$2.00 off each ticket AND a complimentary ticket when buying 20 or more tickets.

BOGO coupons and Pick 5 not valid with these rental shows


On March 20th, 2012, Canada’s country gentleman will rest his guitar against a stool, bringing to a close his concert touring days.

It will be a bittersweet goodbye for Tommy Hunter as he celebrates his 75thbirthday in London Ontario on that date – the city where it all began 65 years ago when as a young boy of 9 he picked up his first guitar.

The final leg of what has been a two part final tour of Canada, will begin mid-February and cover Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, PEI and then move into Ontario before ending in London.

The first leg of Hunter’s tour, took place in the spring of this year, covering cities from British Columbia to Ontario. This last leg will bring to a close over 6 decades of entertaining fans.

Canada’s‘Travelin’ man came into our living room for 36 years – first on Country Hoedown and later on The Tommy Hunter Show.  His endearing stage presence and familiar voice brings back a simpler place and time – when the family gathered around the television on Friday night to watch the Tommy Hunter show – a ritual that was well established and time honoured, regardless of what pocket of the country you lived in.  Almost as popular as the music, was the reading at the close of the show – reflective and comforting –and for many, one not to be missed.

Fans will once again be able to hear favourites  like “Daisy A Day”, “Man of 87”, “King of the Road”, “I’ll Fly Away”, “You Are My Sunshine” and of course his signature “Travelin’ Man”.

The stories, the music, the final bow from a man who has entertained us for six decades – a show not to be missed, but to be enjoyed and remembered.

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