Barbara Carter


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Artist & Author
Nova Scotia, Canada

As a child I learned to draw and felt a connection to something greater, though I had no words for the experience at the time. But I somehow knew that drawing would help save me from the chaotic life that surrounded me.

In my teens, I wanted to study art, but circumstances prevented that from happening and eventually I threw out my art supplies and tried to be like everyone else around me.

Years later, in a “twist of fate” I discovered quilting. In 1987, another “twist” led to combining my previous art experience with the only materials I had available at the time—needle, thread and fabric.

I began creating artwork in hand stitched appliqué. In black, white, and grey.(these images can be viewed at “Past Shows” Visions.)

The lack of colour in my artwork—though I didn’t know it at the time—reflected the shy, insecure young woman I was. Creating helped me learn to trust my inner voice. My art a catalyst for change. As I exhibited and sold my work, I met lots of amazing people, gained confidence and was led on a journey of healing.

Eventually, I came to a place where I needed words to say all I needed to say, so I began writing.

Sharing my life experiences in the hope of helping others trust their inner voice and find joy and peace.

Now I work in multimedia with brilliant colour. Empowered from facing my inner pain.