Peepshow: A Group Show

Collage 2018-03-23 18_39_40.jpg

Peepshow: curiousity, the hidden and the exposed

Peepshow is a group exhibit of objects, paintings and environments that explore concepts around – and tensions between – privacy and enquiry, appetite and concealment, personal autonomy and social norm - and how these interplay to reveal us.

From the outposts of our culture of curiousity, these created objects challenge our motivations and expectations. They speak to the often-heterodoxical relationship of our private nature and social agreement: our feelings when affirmed and satisfied; or thwarted, frustrated by miscalculation, mores or intrusion; or simply entertained and intrigued. This show plays in the territories of religion, sexuality, aesthetics, and above all, our relationships with other people.

Nadine Archibald-Arnold
Brandt Eisner
Steven Geense
Mark Hamilton
Rob MacIntosh
Melanie Morrissey
Corinne Redden
Jannis Sanford
Grace Simms
Claire Wight