December’s Artists

Alison Levy

“Dot dot dot…”

Alison Levy, a resident and teacher on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, is a lover of nature, with a passion for anything that takes her outdoors. In her time away from work, she spends countless hours trailblazing on foot or bike, also beach-combing the beautiful shores of coastal Nova Scotia. Alison has always had a strong connection to the ocean and is fascinated with rocks, shells and sea-glass.

Alison has had an interest in photography since she was a teen. Over the years, she has captured beautiful landscapes and those moments not everyone sees or anticipates. Most recently she discovered a passion for creating art with dots.

In 2017, Alison and her mother, Valerie, attended a workshop with Ginger of Otauna, formerly known as Travelling Kindness Rocks, where they both learned techniques to dot mandalas using a variety of tools.

Alison was inspired and continued creating mandalas on rocks. She explored the creation of mandalas and other designs on a variety of mediums including canvas, glass, wood, shells and even acorns.

Dotting on any medium is something that Alison finds meditative and calming. She can get lost in the process for hours at a time when everything in the world is racing around her; creating unique designs and combining a variety of colours. 

It is her intention to share her passion and creativity with anyone who finds joy in nature and art!

Scott Shive

My name is Scott Shive, I am a resident of Enfield, Nova Scotia and am 24 years old. For my whole life I have been interested in art in all forms: fashion, sculpting/carving, digital media design, painting, etc. I am very blessed to have had teachers from high school, family members, friends, and even strangers be supportive of my work. I love it. I'm blessed to have been given this opportunity to present my work publicly for the first time ever, and I hope you enjoy looking at my art as much as I've enjoyed creating it. Thank you very much.