Colin Bagnell

“Africa’s Big Five”

I do not consider myself an artist, I am an entrepreneur who finds great relaxation in painting things I am interested in, or things that I think would look good on a canvas.

3 years ago I resigned from an office job in the corporate world to pursue my purpose of making lives better for seniors with HCO Lifestyle Support Inc.

By chance, one day I took the opportunity that had been right in front of me for so long, as my mother has been a painter, and sat down to paint a couple of elephants. Time disappeared for a few hours and I was actually quite surprised at how my very first painting turned out. From there I was bound and determined to learn to paint something I’ve always wanted…a portrait of my Labrador Retriever, Norman.

I always seem to have a painting on the go that I can poke away at and will try just about anything. I’ve experienced with different animals and landscapes as well as used silicone mixed with paint to create some pieces with texture.

My latest creation, Africa’s Big Five consists of five 24x48” works and was inspired by my third painting I which is an elephant.

In 2 years I have gone from picking up a paint brush for the first time to now having done many commissions including pet portraits, summer homes, and cars.

I consider myself a great example of ‘you never you know what you’re capable of until you try something out.’